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Themes, Logos, and Communication Kits
for Church Capital Campaigns, Annual Stewardship,
Christian School Fundraising, Ministries & Christian Non-Profits

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campaign materials
capital campaign materials

Capital campaign themes are the backbone of your fundraising
effort. Serious consideration must be given to the combined
campaign theme, campaign logo, and design of the campaign
communication kit
. The goal is to build a cohesive campaign communication package which generates
top-of-mind awareness and buy-in.

Catalyst Faithworks will help you communicate your story, vision,
and needs using your direction, within your budget, and in your
time frame. These fundraising or capital campaign communication
will deeply resonate with your families and supporters –
maximizing major gifts and campaign pledges – whether your
church, Christian school, ministry, or Christian non-profit donor
base is 100 people, or 30,000.

Choose one of our capital campaign theme design concepts (as-is or modified) or a combination of design elements from
our 300+ design concepts. We provide you with capital campaign design samples to give guidance and ideas for developing
your printed capital campaign materials and web content. With your direction, we'll create a capital campaign logo to incorporate
into all your campaign communication materials, along with your unique content including your text, photos, and/or architectural art.

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Fundraising Campaign Communication Materials for Churches,
Christian Schools, and Ministries

Whether working alongside a capital stewardship consultant or working independently with the church staff, Christian school and ministry leaders in their self-led fundraising campaigns, we have assisted all types of Christian organizations to raise needed capital to fund their vision.

Church Capital Campaign Communication Materials

Helping you communicate your vision in a compelling way, to build top-of-mind awareness with your congregation and major donors, is our specialty and our passion. Over 500 churches, representing nearly every denomination–including non-denominational churches and mainline parishes–have put their trust in our proven process. Unlike most general church marketing groups, design firms, and freelancers, we focus solely on faith-based capital fundraising endeavors. Using our campaign print packages and 300+ capital campaign themes, churches have consistently reached their stewardship fundraising goals - many times exceeding those goals.

Church Annual Stewardship Campaign Materials

Annual stewardship campaign dollars must be used to their best advantage. Along with hiring a skilled campaign strategist, Catalyst Faithworks is the best partner you can enlist to help you meet your fundraising goals. For 13 years, we have been providing churches like yours with a proven process, helpful resources, quality and speed that is unparalleled in the industry. You will see results with an effective, clearly communicated vision.

Christian School Fundraising Materials

Successful fundraising for your Christian school requires effective communication of your vision to potential donors. With your direction, Catalyst Faithworks will develop a capital fundraising materials which will deeply resonate with them. Building top-of-mind awareness and excitement is the key. Our proven process, leveraging uniquely-designed capital campaign themes will save you time and multiply your valuable human resources by delivering consistent and timely materials for maximum impact. The results will be far beyond what your internal staff or a freelancer can accomplish in the same time-frame.

Communication Materials for Ministries and Christian Non-Profit Organizations

Since 2000, Catalyst Faithworks has created effective fundraising communication materials for para-church and non-profit organizations across the country. We approach every ministry capital campaign in the unique manner it deserves. Using our proven process, your communication package will have the professional look and effectiveness needed to create maximum impact and excitement. Best of all, you don't have to break the bank to achieve this level of professional quality.

Specialized Capital Stewardship Fundraising with a Broad Reach

We have a diversified client base of churches, Christian schools and Non-Profit Ministries.

No matter what your organizational background, odds are that we have helped a similar type of ministry. And our clients are all over the U.S. (and a few in Canada). Here's a partial list of unique backgrounds from which our clients find association:

Assemblies of God
Bible Churches

Calvary Chapel
Community Churches
Christian Church
Church of Christ
Church of God

Covenant Churches
Evangelical Free
Full Gospel/Holiness
Greek Orthodox


Reformed Churches
Roman Catholic
Seventh-Day Adventist
...And Many More

We Work Alongside Your Capital Campaign Fundraising Partners

Our design process is a complement to capital campaign consultants as well as architects and builders.

Whether you are a small or large Christian organization needing to raise funds to pay off existing debt, or to develop ministry or church building plans, strategic planning is necessary and it's often wise to retain outside counsel. That’s why Catalyst Faithworks often partners with the top Christian school, ministry, and church capital campaign consultants who provide on-site leadership coaching. They help establish proven biblical strategies, not only to raise needed funds, but to help build a lasting stewardship culture. If you need a design-build partner, we know some of best church architects and church builders who can help with new church design-build projects, expansions, or remodeling. We will gladly provide referrals for all of these sources upon request.

Self-Directed Campaigns

When managing a DIY campaign yourself, we help by delivering campaign communications which bring top-of-mind awareness.

In most cases, we believe contracting the consulting services of a capital stewardship campaign consultant or coach is a wise decision. We also understand there are often times when church, school and ministry leadership decides not to use a capital campaign consultant or there simply is not enough time to use one. When you are under the gun to get it done and have the skills to strategize and carefully administer a church capital campaign, annual stewardship campaign, or ministry fundraising appeal, Catalyst Faithworks excels like no other in developing your capital campaign and fundraising communication materials.

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